Help! stuck in a school without ID! what to do!?

I am asking for your advice on my issue.

I am currently a student at the university of maine (orono) enrolled in the Mechanical engineering dept. and basically - it sucks. After last springs trip to palo alto to visit many big ID firms (ideo etc) i have my heart set on being an ID major.

BUT------- there is no ID major at my school.

the way i see it I need to leave the school to really get a true ID degree, but i was wondering if there was any majors, classes, things i could do to use up my time at umaine. I love umaine- so can i switch colleges from engineering to arts and start taking design courses? or is it a better bet to stick with engineering for a second year which i detest.

sorry if this is jumbled- alot going inside my head.

I would like to goto a school with ID reasonably close to maine, i went to Ucolorado two semesters ago and discovered im really a yankee at heart, so are schools in boston a good choice?


if you want to major in id, it sounds like you will have to transfer. it sounds like you like the school you are at, you will have a hard time. if id is what you really want to do you will have to make sacrafices.

trust me though. you will be having much more fun doing id so your new school will be better.

dont know much about the east cost design schools though.


Mass Art and Wentworth both have ID programs in Boston.
Then there is RIT and Syracuse University in upstate NY.

Design is about getting out of your comfort zone. you have to push yourself and sacrifice for the dream.

Designer located in New Hampshire here-

Sorry, you’re going to have to go to Boston or Rhode Island for any ID programs in New England. Otherwise it’s off to upstate NY, NYC, Phili, and points west.

About what to take the 2nd year (since school starts this month), why don’t you try calling a couple of the schools that you are interested in, and asking them what they look for in a transfer student? Art + engineering may not be such a bad combination to get you into an ID school.

Also, remember that you can go away to school and come back later. Maine isn’t going to be occupied by a Canadian invasion force anytime soon.

You have to transfer… pick a school thats good for ID

should i take more art or engineering classes for this semester then? i think i need some art considering i already have a year of engineering core classes under my belt

Find a new school soon, and take all the classes you can take that will transfer. Fundamental art classes will be similar regardless of the school. For the most part anyway…

Its tough to leave somewhere you like, but you just have to suck it up and go.

Many schools want you to go through their foundation program, so taking art classes in hope to transfer credits may be futile. I’d take a drawing class to get comfortable drawing and I’d take foundation classes like your English and Math requirements, those are pretty universal for transfering. Maybe a 3D CAD class too

I’d also start thinking about portfolio requirements of the schools you want to get into. Good luck!