help! sketchbookpro2 + photoshop cs resolutions!

i have created an a3 template in photoshop ( 29.7cm x 42cm portrait ) and given it the default 300 pixels per inch, CMYK color and 8bits.

then i have opened up sketchbookpro2 and created an a4 landscape canvas which is 29.7cm x 21cm and also 300 pixels per inch.

i want to be able to work in sketchbookpro using ‘fit-to-view’ so that i can see my whole a4 page on my monitor and sketch without having to resize the canvas.

but all the brushes/pens etc are now tiny in size when i click fit to view.
and if i click ‘actual size’ then it is impossible to sketch as i have to keep scrolling around the page!

i need to be able to sketch on a high resolution a4 canvas, because i then want to import the sketches into photoshop so that i can create my a3 presentation boards and add text etc.

is there a way to do this??