Help! RISD vs. CCS!!

I’m an ID student on leave from RISD after foundation year (didn’t start the ID program). I applied to CCS and was accepted with a scolarship of $10k per year. I can’t decide whether or not I should return to RISD or go to CCS. RISD is $33000 + living whereas CCS is $27000+living-scholarship. RISD is ridiculously expensive.

From what I’ve read in these threads these schools seem to focus on different aspects of design education. I am somewhat familiar with the RISD program having been a student there. I saw some CCS work and they seemed to best RISD in terms of skill. Please lend me some advice as to which school would be best? Thanks!

I understand it’s hard to justify the cost, but remember this is a liftime long investment and wherever is best for you should be your choice.

It’s an exciting time at CCS. the ID dept. was recently split off from Transportation and is no longer the ugly stepsister. They have a new Director are moving into new facilities, are revamping the curicuulum and reaching out to industry.

as far as skills, they’ve always been all about sketching/Alias rendering - a natural result of being a car design house.

What do you want to do after school? Let the desired result drive the decision.

After graduation I wish to work in the computer/electronics industry. I don’t mind in-house or consultancy as long as I’m designing gadgets and tech products.

Transportation is an attractive alternative, but I don’t think my passion for the field is anywhere near as strong as ppl who have been drawing cars their entire life. I don’t even have a driver’s license yet.

I am aware that RISD focuses more on theory and the “thought process.” And I love the school, Providence, and the people. Foundation year with professors like Jonathan Bonner and Ken Horii was priceless. I’m just wondering, having only completed foundation, if their ID department will teach me the stuff I need in order to compete with the likes of Art Center, CCS, CIA, and UC grads who are coming out with superior portfolios (in terms of employability).

I am a very serious student, although I had do leave RISD to fulfill my country’s military service. I recently entered the PC Design Contest by Microsoft and made it to the finalist although I don’t think I should specify which entry is mine (since that could be cheating, in a way).

I have six more months left of my two year service and it has been bugging me greatly that I was unable to continue my academics at RISD. But recently I’ve come to the realization that while I was at RISD, I was so complacent about being in “the best art school in USA” and didn’t bother to look at what other ppl from different schools were doing. Trapped in the RISD bubble, should I put it… Now, I am actually glad that I was unintentionally given a chance to step back and consider alternatives to RISD.

If you want to design gadgets and tech projects, risd traditionally would not be the choice for that. You won’t spend hours and days in studios finessing forms and tons of color and finish studies etc…unless they’ve completely overhauled the department. Other places teach more about form studies, refining lines, etc…that you’ll need more doing high tech products. There is a lot you can do on your own but you may not find many of your peers into that type of thing. Do some more research here on the boards to see what people say about different schools, especially recent attendees and grads. Look at the other schools portfolios and compare them to risd portfolios to see types of projects, presentation ability, etc.

Have you looked at UC?