help please- university of the arts?

I need help! i have little less then 2 weeks to pick a school to go to next year. I was excepted into the University of the Arts in philly. I really like the area and the school has an ID program. but i am not sure how this program is and how employers view the program at U-arts.

The thing is if i attend U-arts i would be planning on studying ID. but i was also excepted into SUNY Purchase, here i would be studying sculpture.(which would hopefully lead me into furniture design) tell you the truth i don’t know what i want to do but i know it is in design!

So my question is -what school should i pick? and how is the University of the Arts ID program?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!
thank you!!

Have you ever thought of attending a community college with a decent Fine Arts Program?

Since you are undecided on what you want to enter, this will give you some time to think, save money, and build a portfolio. In your first year, you just do foundation and gen eds anyways, so save some money while exploring the art world. Look into transfer schools instead of rushing into something you might regret. That’s just my view on the matter.

Purchase and UA@Philly aren’t schools I’m familiar with and haven’t been mentioned too much on this board. Was there any particular reason why you chose these schools?

well these two schools are close to home and i thought at the time of applying to them they had good art programs. SUNY Purchase is a State School in New York State, and is about 30 min from NYC.
Thank you so much for your opinions, everything helps. I wanted to go to a school that was known by employers and hearing back that you haven’t heard of them either is helpful. A lot of my friends keep mentioning transferring if i do not enjoy the program as well. and it seems to be a good option.
I was also wait listed at Pratt but have to pick a school in the mean time.

Will you be commuting to these schools from home? If so I understand you situation, but if not, why not apply to the top schools around the country?

If you take some time and read through this forum you’ll see well known school suggestions. Check out the sticky threads like,

It has plenty of info.

Yea, transferring is always an option, but save yourself some time and money and do your research before you enter a college. They could very well have great Art programs (I have heard of Purchase) but if you’re looking strictly for ID, I haven’t seen them mentioned in this forum. Visit the college, check out the program you are going to enter, talk to some kids, anything to get some info. If you just graduated high school, I was in the same situation, didn’t know where to go and for what. That’s why I ended up at a junior college, which I thought was a really good choice, but my dad would say otherwise. I was accepted into Alfred State in NY, the only other school I applied for, into an architecture program, and I’m damn glad I didn’t go. Went to Hudson Valley for free (financial aid paid for everything) and got plenty of credits and very good Fine Art classes. Sorry for the life story, Good Luck on your choice.

i read almost all of the link you had posted, and it has helped a lot. thank you sooo much.

to answer some of your questions.

-i do not plan on commuting, i would like to stay at the campus.
-i would have applied to top ID schools but during the application process i didn’t really think of it. (i wish i had) i wasn’t sure what i was interested in studying.

your advice means a lot, it is nice to know that others have gone through the same decision making situations.

thank you