HELP! Please help me to choose school!

I’m an international student who wants to major in Industrial Design
so far, I’m accepted by 5 schools…(undergraduate)

Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA)
College for Creative Studies (CCS)
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
California College of Arts (CCA)
Otis College of Design and Art

First of all…I planed to attend CIA, because my teacher highly recommended it
but after I talked to one of a student there (by msn)…I hesitated
because I heard it’s a very small school…and the area is kinda boring…?
and my teacher said people wouldn’t have much social life there…
So my teacher said, maybe RIT would be a better choice for me…it’s a big school, good programs,
and I may find more students from my country…who I feel more familiar to hand out with…?

How about CCA?
the location sounds great…it’s in SF, beautiful city, good weather
and I have friends in SF…and I’m pretty familiar with the city (been there for 2 months)
but I am worry about the ID programs there…
I don’t see many discussion about school for ID in west coast…except for Art Center of course

I’m struggling along making right decisions…
I want to go to good schools which have good ID programs, but also want some social life as well…
it’s hard to get the balance, because all the information about these schools I got are from website, I can’t visit these schools…it’s too late and too costly.

time is running out, I have to pay the deposit for most of these schools by 5/1
Can anyone give me some advices? Any information/experience about the schools, programs, or even about the environment/city would be helpful

Thanks a lot!!!

Each school is different. Each student is unique and different.

Use the search function to research each one of the schools here on C77. There is endless amounts of information that is a result of 4,000 posts like this each month.

Think about what you want out of your education, whats important about a college for YOU, then research, make a pro/con list, then see where the best spot is for YOU.

If it were me (I may or may not choose differently than you)… but here is how I would do it based off of your list, in order…

  1. CCA

The other places have fine educations, but thats what I would choose.

RIT is excelent. I have visited there and was very impresed. I am curious why University of Cincinnati and Pratt Institute isn’t on your list.

I had the opposite impression of RIT.
Facilities and program need major updating to be ‘caught up’ (Industrial Design program specifically… not their Photography department, for example).

Take a look at the website… (Ouch!)

Just my opinion, maybe 4 years of education there would prove highly valuable. Its difficult to know how great a school is without going for 4 years.
If anyone goes to RIT and has seen some improvements, please update, I’d hate to flame ignorantly if things are looking brighter now.