Help picking colors for very dark gray and orange

I have just completed a design of a handheld consumer product. The customer would like the majority of the case in “very dark grey”. The battery door is to be orange but they would like an orange metallic.

I found a Case Crown iPhone 4 case in orange metallic that they like. I am pursuing a custom polycarbonate mix with the color and metallic particles. (Anyone know how Case Crown creates the finishes on their products?)

The problem has been the “very dark grey”. I have been trying to find an existing product that is made from an identifiable pantone color. Adding to my problems is the part will have a heavy texture (Mold Tech 11020).

Does anyone know of something I can search out at Home Depot, Best Buy etc that is a “very dark grey”, preferably with some texture?

They paint, to avoid the swirls that are inherent with most metal particle plastics due to flow.

Ya, I was gonna say paint as well. Not knowing the product, there’s a chance they do in mold decorating…but I’d go with paint.