HELP! Online Portfolio Required?

I need some serious input regarding an online portfolio. I’ve noticed job posting requesting online portfolios. I currently have no online presence. I’ve always been very leery, call it paranoid of an online portfolio. Having work and or ideas pilfered, etc and more cynically, is this a way for them to ‘test’ a prospective candidate’s skill set? “Ok. Here’s a product/industrial designer than can also do our website for us.”

Thanks for any and all input.

Unless you can truly bring your concept/idea to market, you shouldn’t worry about it being “stolen”. Non actionable ideas by you should be considered examples of your thought process and your abilities. The purpose of them is to secure a job and if they’re not doing that, then what’s the point?

Items that you plan to take the Kickstarter route, don’t show.

I’ve seen some success where people password protect a portion of their site, or their entire site, providing the password to the person they’re submitting their portfolio to.

But it seems to me that Boosted’s comments are pretty accurate to how I conduct my own portfolio online.

They may be looking simply for an option to view and share your portfolio internally at high quality without the need for a large PDF.

On top of what has been said above, unless you list the web portfolio URL all over and link to it from online profiles (linkedin, Core), chances that someone will even come across it to theive your concepts are pretty darn slim.

You didn’t ask, but if you are looking to get to a very simple web-friendly portfolio quickly, don’t have web skills to show off, and have a copy of InDesign, look at InDesign’s interactive tools. It could be as simple as creating a set of buttons on a landing page that jump to specific projects. If I remember correctly you can just export as HTML and voila! This, of course, would also require a domain, hosting, and a bit of research or knowledge on how to point those things to your work.

There are hundreds of online portfolios out there, clearly it is OK. My mom is afraid to shop online, but thousands of people do it, don’t worry, it will be fine.

This made me laugh.

I guess I’m not so concerned about the theft as much as the lack of knowledge. It sort of manifested itself into the ‘old dog, new trick’ realm and all the tools out there to complete an online portfolio. I come from a graphic design background when the web was really starting to take off. I still remember saying back then that I felt as though I had missed the boat. Sheesh. What a dummy. Now it’s moved onto UI/UX/UE.

Anyway, I am currently attempting to assemble a portfolio for an online gallery. I am a bit reluctant to use InDesign for web stuff. In my mind, it’s kind of like an all-in-one printer/scanner/copy machine. It does all those functions, but none of them particularly well. So I have decide to use Freeway Pro and Exhibeo. My biggest challenge is the lack of documentation in terms of getting up and running. Software doesn’t seem to ship user guides anymore.

I appreciate all the feedback.

I think it can be as simple as having a coroflot or behance portfolio. It might just be a teaser. I have found the best thing it to put something up, get feedback and revise, just like with the design process. Progress not perfection.

No reason not to have work online. People hire you for what you can do. Not what you’ve done. Your work shows your potential. Chances of stuff that is a concept getting stolen is slim to none.

Check the forums. Lots of recommendations for different platforms. I can highly recommend behance portfolio. I built my work site with it to give you an example. No programming needed. Did it in about a week. At the very least, host a PDF on Dropbox and send the link. Easier than sending large files.


Sorry if I hijack the thread, but this is related to online portfolios so I thought it would be a good place to ask. What are you guys’ opinions on having your own website for your portfolio as opposed to something like a coroflot or a behance?

I’m a design student at the moment and have a coroflot, but I wonder about whether having my own website would give off potential employers a better image of me. The reason I chose coroflot initially was the simplicity of the system and the easy exposure.

I recently found out that if you’re a subscriber to creative cloud, you get a behance prosite for free…

well not “free” since it’s included in your cc monthly fee, but you know what I mean.

As a hiring manager I actually have no preference to your own site vs coroflot/behance, I just want to see the work.

I support this. In most cases as long as the work is accessible you’re good. I have found that more visitors may be biased based on profession. So most photography/graphic folks reside on behance and the “cooler, more awesome (awesomest?)” designers reside on coroflot. This is important because respective recruiters will visit one site more often than the other, possibly both.