help on website

thank you, first.
i don’t know dreamweaver or html, can i still make my own web site?
i want to customize, there are thousands of web site hosts and i don’t know which one to choose from and how to build , ,
any sugestions?

There are just about an infinite number of different ways to answer this question.

Is this website a personal one (like a diary or “these things are fun” page, or will you be showing it to prospective employers (like a portfolio)?

If you must have a web page with no HTML knowledge at all, you could setup a free blogger account:

and use it to put things online. There are plenty of free template files available online, so you can change the look of your site to something you like. Or, you could use Coroflot to put up some of your work

which would be even easier.

But, if you really are interested in making a website that is unique to you, and really an ideal place to showcase your design work, learning at least some basic HTML is a really good idea. You can put together html files on your own computer using just a text editor, so you don’t need a hosted site to learn the ropes. Dreamweaver might also be worth learning, if you get a chance, because it can help you understand the connection between the html and the look of the page more easily as you’re starting out. But ultimately, you’re better off knowing HTML too.

Check out HTML tutorials on google

for some hints getting started.

As far as hosts go, I use Discount Hosting

because it’s ridiculously cheap. $10 per year is tough to beat. If you like calling tech support though, try someone else, because the cheap service is unsupported (although I’ve never had problems). There are plenty of sites online that give reviews of hosts, so shop around.

To get a web address (like I use Godaddy

because they are also cheap, and they have been reliable for me in the past.

These are definitely not “the best ways to do things” or whatever, they’re just what has worked for me. I think your best bet is to keep reading tutorials and FAQs about starting your first webpage. You’ll figure it out – good luck.

it helped me alot. thank you
i guess you know how to use html, dreamweaver
i am envy you, if you do,
what is youe web address if you don’t mind

“DoOd I’m getting ripped OfF!”
Thanx for the cool info dmuren! That’s awsome! :smiley:

if you are a Mac user…I would highly recommend this program

I used it to do my simple website and the learning curve is very shallow.

there’s a whole load of stuff I haven’t learnt yet but it’s pretty easy to get something half decent with no knowledge of html.

good luck!