Help on Design Brief for BBQs/Grills

Hello all, between now and Feb. 28th 06 I have been asked to produce some “creative BBQ/Grill designs”. So the first thing I need to do is create a design brief. The company has never had a Designer before :open_mouth: so its up to me to create the brief.

So I would like your opinion on what elements would the ideal design brief contain?

The designs will be for a hypothetical 07 release. I work for a large BBQ/Grill Manufacture that produce mainly large stainless steel Grills in the price range of $500 to $2500 USD.
The products are made in china and sold in the USA, Australia and Europe, we have sales and marketing people in these countries that can be used for research, trend spotting.

Additionally if you could give an explanation of what your perfect BBQ/Grill or BBQ/Grill experience would be?

Your help will be greatly appreciated. :wink:

i start my designs with the must haves. ex : the grill must be 3’x2’x1’, the grill must have 2 surfaces for tools or food, the grill must be able to cook 4 pieces of chicken and 4 hamburgers at one time, the grill must be 3.5’ high. once you have the must haves out of the way you can start designing the cool stuff. also i think your brief should include the “theme” of grilling in 3 words or less IE : campfire. my own perfect experience is a 40$ smoker and tending to it for 8-10 hours but im not your focus “BOB” is the guy you need to focus on so dont forget to include a persona and short scenario about who you client is, what they want and why current grill designs dont deliver!

…i would also include a survey of competitive product (poll your sales people) which the new product will be up against in the market(s), prices, features, benefits…a target manufacture cost…and a project schedule outline (anticipated milestone dates)…my briefs are living docs which start out as a preliminary in phase 0.

What manufactuer?

best bbq i have ever had - wheelbarrow with a bit of chicken wire to cook on, portable, huge cooking surface nice cooking height and super easy to clean, tools are hooked over the handles, i added a valve betwen the bottom of the barrow 'bucket and the tyre, pump the tyre with your foot and you can add heat to the embers…
TOMfoolery bbq supremo #1

If you can keep the burning dripping grease from re-entering the meat you do away with a long-proven source of carcinogens. Everyone is into healthier eating now so that would be a plus. Ease of cleaning is next - everyone I know just hates cleaning the stupid things, hours of work and toxic foam sprays and they never come out really clean after first use.

Give us an Idea on the intended market, and target user. This will help us determine what consumer research and maket focus activities to suggest.

What are the intended distrobution channels?
Big Box (mass production), or Boutique (more hand fabricated)?

The following question will help us to determin if family lineage and equity need be explored, or if you will need to have extensive marketing and branding efforts.

Will it be maketed under the manufactures name/private brand, or will it be maketed under a license to a brand name such as CharBroil, Sunbeam, Weber, etc?

Guest 888 the idea of the theme of grilling in three words or less I like, but a challenge to get me down to three words. I think it would contain a combination of the following words, cooking food friends family easy casual living outdoors event culture. This needs more thought.

As far as must haves go (like grill surface size how many burgers ect) I want to keep it as open as possible at this stage I don’t want to close the doors to any innovative solutions. At the same time there are things it needs to do like, be simple to operate, easy to clean, encourage group involvement and have an emotional connection to the customer.

Now that Sweetgrill (fake company name) is changing from a supplier to major chain stores into Brand Name Company we need products that will distinguish our company from the pack. It would be ideal if we could create a unique and iconic product that was synonymous with the sweetgrill name. Like the round charcoal grill is with Webber.

Grillington, currently the company sell its gas grill products through the major big box retailers in the US and Australia under the retailers brand while marketing its own name in Europe.

The problem is that all the gas grills have basically the same function they all look similarly ugly, so the consumers choice comes down to quality price and trust in a brand name. Our products are also in specialty stores like BBQ galore, the great indoors ect.

The big box companies have the power to push the price down every season making it very difficult to make profit in this market.

The largest median price point is in the region of $400-$600 while the highest best selling price point is $3000

Thanks for the imput.

(is there an easy way to post images or do i have to post on another page and link to here?)

to clarify what i said earlier: campfire is 3 words or less. you have to go out and do the research to find out what the must haves are. usuability is going to be imporant. what you really should do to kickstart this project is to find families that have grills, college students, women grillers, chef grillers…find anyone you can. ask them if you can join them for a cookout (this is called contextual research, begin in the mindset that you know nothing and the people you are joining are the experts…you must learn from the experts) you need to reimburse them for their time but this will be easy. " hey why dont we all grill out this weekend? how does steak sound? the food is on me." then have your company front the bill for some steaks and get some good research!

Did you check the article in the most recent IDSA quarterly magazine about a fantastic new grill? I don’t have it with me, so I don’t have the details on who made it, etc.

Looked like if Alessi was commissioned to make a grill. It didn’t look all “tail-gate party” at all and is supposedly highly durable, as opposed to many grills that get replaced year after year. The focus was on the extremely high quality grate as opposed to most bbq’s that have disgustingly low grade grates. The exterior was a tapered stainless steel cylinder and it doubled as a small table.

It was very inconspicuous and suitable for year round storage outside. It was as genderless and timeless/classic as a barbeque gets. For the epicureans of outdoor grilling. I know I would love one.

I think this is the grill you saw. I love it too.