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My name is Marvin. I just happen to stumble across this very interesting Web site while web searching. I am active duty Navy station in Virginia, and I know nothing about CAD designing, but I have an ideal for a cologne bottle design that I would like to pursue. I have this crazy ideal about creating my own cologne and selling it part time. I would be willing to pay a bright student to help me with this project, but keep in mind that I work for Uncle Sam so I am not rich by a long shot. Help?


yeah cologne bottles are badly needed.


u mean Forum odor

very creative indeed. only bad thing is that you’re not a regitered user and have no proof to support your view.

I love to see all the good stuff that gets posted on Fridays.

Dear UFO.

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word to the wise, stay out of his way, he might cry. :blush: :blush:

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Package design is all about branding. What is your product all about emotionally? Who is the audience, etc.?

As far as the package is concerned, industrial designers usually design the form of the container. A graphic designer creates the graphics. Sometimes you can find a designer who is trained in both.

One more thing. Students aren’t as cheap as you think. If they are any good they will charge less due to experience but that doesn’t mean they are cheap. Students will charge less than these guys though:

Thanks for all the feedback