Help Needed

Hello Everybody

I am a young guy with a head full of ideas, I want to start up my own company and make it big like many others have, but I would be interested if anyone out there can help me with idea’s or share their knowledge on how I can break in to a European/ international market…
Points I would like to be helped with are
Venture capital
Financial aid for research and development
Help with copy right applications
EU finance?

I think to get everything going I will need around 300,000 dollars.

Any help or tips would be very much appreciated.

How did you come up with the $300k number? How about starting with a business plan?

I have a business plan, looking for help and idea´s / tips on how i can get over the final hurdle… 300k is a ruff som… might not all be needed or might even need more…

maybe im missing something, but, ____company doing what?

do you mean a brand? a consultancy? a supermarket?

without knowing more its almost impossible to answer any of your questions. to start a small design consultancy im sure would not require 300K. a desk, a computer and some skills would be just about it :slight_smile:


I am a computer programmer. i have software that is ready to go into most peoples home and work computers, i know i am gonna get “take it to microsoft” but if i give them it sure i will make money but no where near as much as if i market it and sell it myself first and then microsoft come to me…

so… why bring this here?

Why not?

i was looking for other peoples idea´s and help on how i can go further with this…