help! need to pick a school very soon

Ok…so I applied to 9 art and design schools as a transfer student and have been accepted to 7 so far. Ive narrowed it down to Pratt, CIA, MassArt, Wentworth and RISD. I really want to design shoes after I graduate but I am not sure what school would be the best for footwear design. I know there are a lot of athletic footwear companies in boston so massart and wentworth may be a good choice for if i wanted sneakers. But I really want to get into womens high heels. Does anyone know which school would be the best for that? Please let me know! Thankss!

I’m in the same boat, I applied to 6 schools, waiting on RISD and UC. Got into MassArt, Pratt, CIA, and CCAD. If you haven’t visited any schools, that should probably be the best thing to do. I’m visiting Pratt this saturday (accepted students day). Check out the portfolios on coroflot and their respective schools.

Since you want to design shoes (high heels) maybe a school that also has a big fashion department.

I graduated from Mass-Art’s ID program… and am now a footwear designer.

There has been many great footwear designer that have graduated from Mass-Art, but… The teachers in that school (if they are still there) don’t take Footwear design seriously. Things might have changed.

Mass-Art is In a great location to be seen by footwear companies. When I was designing in Boston, my team would often go to their annual open presentations to find inters or Jr Designers.

There are footwear designers that have ID experience, fashion backgrounds, graphic designers, or even just a high school diploma. it’s all about raw talent , good business since and passion.

In my opinion… ID is the best and most common background to have: blueprint making, rendering, graphic design and manufacturing processes have been beaten into you for 4 years and become second nature when you start a footwear design career.

If you want to do fashion footwear, go to New York. That is where that type of product is done.

I go to Pratt, and am currently taking a drawing class with a faculty member who works in footwear (Fila, Converse, Nike, etc). He is a great resource for anyone trying to get into footwear design and has been very helpful to me and other students (brining in stuff he’s worked on, and giving the lo-down on how the footwear industry works).

Pratt only has one footwear design class, but the curriculum’s goal is to produce a more well rounded designer that can work in various fields.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me about specific questions faculty, classes, etc.

I don’t know why you didn’t consider Parsons for Product Design with its strong fashion department.

Chiming in for Wentworth, which is a very underestimated school. I am currently a senior and while we have very little notoriety in the field, we are coming on fast and with a vengeance.

Our program has gone through lots of changes, and our faculty is getting better and better. We have also really tailored the program to have heavy emphasis on research and the design process, less fluff.

One of the most useful things about our program (and RIT’s) is the co-op requirement. You are required to complete at least 2 mandatory co-ops wherever you can get a job (I worked at Bose and Brine corp), and it is essential for making connections for the future.

It’s also right next to mass art and about 10 other schools, so it is a great college location.

Phil Russo?

No, Kevin Crowley. Great guy. Super helpful.