HELP! need recomendation for 11x17 travel bag

I’ve been looking for a while now for a cool 11x17 shoulder bag\messenger bag\brief case that doesn’t look stupid. Something i could walk into a presentation with.

I’m traveling on 1-2 day trips more and more frequently lately and always traveling with 11x17 presentation material

Everything that I like doesn’t come in that size. - It’s always just under.

I could go anywhere from Nava Milano to Freitag - etc… Just not a backpack!

I’m sure somebody out there has what I’m looking for. Help! I’m almost ready to bust out the sewing machine.

This might work for you…


I was wondering if you ever found the 11x17 portfolio bag of your dreams?

I have been wanting to buy a nice bag to compliment my Pina Zingaro 11x17 portfolio. Right now it looks odd carrying that big ol’ portfolio on the NYC subway and I’d like a nice bag to carry it in that has both a shoulder strap and a handle (like a briefcase). What did you end up settling on? I know this post is over a year old, so I am sure by now you might have found something? :slight_smile:


I personally have one of these. I couldn’t imagine having a backpack/bag that fit an 11x17 that didn’t look weird…

menappi, thanks for chiming in. I like that aluminum case a lot. When I can afford it, I will get one, but for now, I ended up getting this presentation nylon case:

It works quite well, and fits right under my arm and lays flat on my lap during subway trips. :slight_smile: