HELP!!! - Need info on white shoes with orange accents

The company I work for is trying to find white shoes with orange accents (stripes, logos, etc) for a major trade show that is coming up.

We need to find them fast, cheap, and in many sizes.

If anyone here can help me locate something it would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to get something stylish that won’t break the bank cause we’re already shelling out tons of cash on the exhibit.

If Yo or someone else with detailed knowledge of the shoe industry could guide me in the right direction it would be a great help.


If I think of anything else I’ll let you know…


The Nike Air Woven are sweet, any clue on if I can get some of those direct from Nike. Other than the site you listed I can’t find the quantity / sizes needed.

the nike wovens are nice but will you be able to get all the sizes that you need? nike id you will but might be too expensive, the vans solutions sounds the cheapest. but still 50 $ a shoe.


pony-maybe not the best designed but cheap-sale til thursday-

try EASTBAY-a nice place to look

also at finalscore you can get some good deals-if you order the catolog you get more selection

will keep looking-

good luck

what type of shoe are you looking for-can it be any type of shoe as long as its orange and white??

maybe you could go this route-$24 (yellow-there has to be an orange and a white sole maybe)

a sandal-not bad-$39

go through this link-i set it up for orange shoes-under $40 all you have to do is change what type of shoe u want to see a new selection-