HELP...need images of Milan Fair and Salone Sattelite

I was recently on a school trip (CCS - Detroit) to the Milan Furniture fair, and took around 500 or so images of the fair and the salone satelite.

My laptop’s hard drive is apparently ‘dead’, and with it possible ALL my images so i’m trying to find people with good images of the fair, the salone, and any of the surrounding events.

if they could email anything that would help, or give me a contact to someone with a significant amount of images, that would be great.

I am sorry to hear that.
if I can find some information ,I would like to help you :cry:

hey le_on

I can’t say they are great pics but… i got quite a few if you still need it

btw/ where do u study? how you liked the Milan furniture fair?

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even good old core…