Help! MFA in furniture design @ RISD or SCAD??

I have to make a decision at the end of this week whether to attend RISD or SCAD for a furniture design MFA. I know RISD is ranked very highly, but I have a scholarship from SCAD making the tuition much lower and when you factor in cost of living, SCAD is about half the RISD price tag. I have visited both schools and I really enjoyed each of them. I would rather live in Providence than Savannah, but I’m not sure if the price is worth it.

Does anyone in the industry have an opinion on the importance of a degree from RISD vs. SCAD? Is RISD’s reputation more likely to get me a good job? Is it worth their $60k - $80k in debt vs SCAD’s $40k? (This is not including living expenses).

Please help!!