Help me spend $5200

I have a educational budget of $5200 to spend…

Any suggestions?

start grad school, software training, I’ve always fancied bike building school, though I’m pretty sure that’s out if it’s a work budget.

Buy a wooden chest.

Use half the money to buy some gold.

Put the gold in the chest.

Bury the chest somewhere cool.

Use the second half of the money to make a kick ass treasure hunt full of cryptic clues and mind bending puzzles.

Create a cool treasure map as a guide.

Leave the map somewhere a buddy will find it.

Secretly follow them with a video camera and enjoy your own personal low budget Indiana Jones movie.

EDIT: I didn’t see that it was an “educational budget”, so write a paper about it when you’re all done.

Send a check to me and do a report on what I choose to spend it on and why. That’ll be a pretty good education.

Does educational budget mean it has to be spent on Education?

Or you just have $5200 to blow?

$5200 would buy a nice Cintiq, new desktop and maybe even a fancy office chair.

This year we have decided that my wife will complete her masters in Autism in order to become a consultant. I will start grad school 2015 fall at North Western for MPD2

I already have both those items :wink: and yes it has to be educational purpose as it relates to tax laws.

Arrrrgh that be an interesting idea matey, but i do think i would walk the plank in the end.

I would say i learned that lesson with my first order off the back of a comic book when i was 8.

sign up for a night class at a local college in something you want to do, and then blow the rest on “supplies” and keep the receipts.

In all seriousness, take an HTML and CSS class at a local community college if it’s available. Even if you aren’t or don’t intend to be a web designer at all, it is a super useful skill set and basically takes you from novice to internet ninja in three or four lessons. It’s easy stuff to learn.

I didn’t realize how much I didn’t understand about how the internet worked until I took those classes. Now I know what a website actually is and why things work the way they do.

Get this:

Two Cintiqs. Duh.

Research trip.

Buy, try, and report back these (to help me decide if I want to buy one):

Wacom Windows 8 tablet: