Help Me Please!

Could you please critique me. Be brutally honest. I’m trying to find out some useful ways to improve my portfolio. I haven’t had much luck in getting the interviews I need, so if you see any red flags or weaknesses please let me know. Also any tips on improving it would be also appreciated.

My site.

Great web design and some good work but i think what people better than me will say is that we don’t see enough of the process. not enough sketches to finished product. and i don’t know if we need to see 3 different USB drives. The bombay sapphire thing is very good.

Also I don’t know if you’re auto biography should be the first thing people see…and the listings on the portfolio should be bigger…Had to search around a bit before i saw how to advance…maybe some buttons might help…but not needed…just make the listings bigger.

Great comments. That’s the stuff I want to hear. Any more people got suggestions. I all ears.

I would definetly have to agree with the comments that porcupine made.

The autobiography is a good page to include, but I don’t know if it should be found on the home page.

After I wondered into the industrial design portfolio section, I couldn’t find the links to all of your projects. I think that because the text color of the various projects is a dark gray and the background is also a dark gray. This color made these links become secondary and almost disappear. I even wonder about the choice of a dark gray for the background color. This color seems to cancel out several of your images of your projects, more specifically, the USB devices. Your renderings are shown in a black plastic, but they get lost in the background.

I would also agree that we don’t need to see three USB devices. I realise that these are seperate projects, but do all three need to be shown? I would either only show the favorite one, or even condense the three into one project. Combining them may also help to illustrate a complete project, which is another problem. Several of the projects were only one quick sketch. It seemed that you are concerned about showing a variety of projects, which is good, but only showing one sketch doesn’t convince anyone that the project/problem is fully addressed. More process should be added for these projects. You don’t neccessarily need to take the viewer through the entire process for every project, but more than one image would help.

I am left with a good impression of your work, but I think that with a little refinement, my opinion would improve drastically.

I don’t know about the first page,

I think it’s original, a road less travelled. It will ‘force’ an employer/visitor to connect more with the designer. Tell me that you didn’t read the portfolio. Exactly!

I think it’s nice. The site is great in general, perhaps too ‘brown’ on my screen.

One thing that i did not like so much is that it’s too well compatimented.
Meaning, that you get to see one of your products there are too many buttons to push. Or at least that was my experience.

Nice skills though., but critiquing the site, not the skills :slight_smile:

No, I don’t mind at all. I feel sometimes the way you present it is often just as important as the piece itself. It’s kind of like the whole museum showcase thing. I appreciate all your comments. Keep them coming. I’ll work on making the changes.

OKay I have tried to address the changes or comments yall recommended. Do you think it’s working now?

Well the fronttpage changes are bettter. The references direct people. Though Arturo i gotta tell ya I really didn’t read much. The jamsofa is better but i still wonder about the 3 usb drives can’t be combined into one page

Also the water curtain needs expansion with explanation and more drawings. You make us read your autobiography but then you don’t include any text talking about your projects till you get to the print section. The Human Rights Watch one though is great work., Really impressive. But again show us the process …that is the fundamental element of ID.defining the process.