Help me Name that Form

Hey was wondering if you guys could help me out with a strange request - naming a form

what would you call the shape of the Nikon ji when looking at the top view (, talking about the main body not the lens or anything else.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

nikon body.jpeg
If it had no straight lines it might be described as an oval. It is a rectangle with radiused ends; it might also be described as a quadrilateral with radiused ends. But that doesn’t sound too clever does it?

Stadium would however fit the bill perfectly > Stadium -- from Wolfram MathWorld

A stadium is a geometric figure consisting of a rectangle with top and bottom lengths a whose ends are capped off with semicircles of radius > r.


Good question,

that I didn’t find an answer to, when I thought about
it during student times.

And I don’t have one now. Never heard of Lews suggestion,
even if it is geometrical precise. I’ve heard pill shaped, but
that implies vaulted upper and under sides?


I’ve always heard “pill-shaped” t0 describe slider switches and buttons, but it is a little stretch for that shape. Maybe ‘pill shaped’ profile?

Extruded pill-shape?


I’d consider it a “slot.” Just as that’s the shape you’d get if you made a short pass with an end mill in a piece of material.

At BYU, I was told there are there main design paradigms in electronics: the fig newton, the taco, and the ice cream sandwich. This looks like a fig newton to me. =)

Pill-Shape or Race Track are both commonly used with clients… Fig Newton is used quite a bit with other designers… :wink:



I use “capsule” but I am going to switch to the above “racetrack”.


Lozenge usually considered a form of rhombus… a diamond shape.

okay designobot!!! Now tell us why you need a name for the shape of the bottom of your fig newton… . . er, camera.

Tongue depressor?

Squircle is what I have always called it.

Squicle is a rounded square.

in sheet metal world standard punches with this shape are called Obrounds.

ObRound for Oblong-Round.

Thats definitely a “roundy-straight”… definitely