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My god, after the 100th resume I’ve seen for a technical user interface manager, I’m starting to wonder if they exist.

Are there people on this board who consider themselves experts in interaction design, as well as having deep technical computer skills?

I’m not fishing for resumes here, but I just wanted to know if this is the kind of person I could find in the I.D. world.

By interaction design, I dont mean websites (no websites! every designer in the world has done websites)… Im specifically referring to thick-client development for Windows platforms.

I have…

After graduating in ID, I continued a Coop in SW development as an illustrator and icon artist, then moved on to user interaction and general progam interface layout. Products included apps for Netobjects, Lotus, and IBM Websphere. 1.5 years as a JR interaction designer/illustrator

Since then, I’ve done about 5 yrs as a heavy traditional ID, in corporate and consultancy roles. The interface background helped alot and I’ve been asked to reskin bundled SW products and develop onscreen GUI’s for programable HW controls. It has been a real asset and I think it’s very important in todays digital products

If you post your email, I can send you some sample work


post your email and i’ll contact you. i dont have an anon email acct. If you could, that would be helpful!

you can PM me with this…

one more problem with the PM idea… I’m not a registered user, and prefer not to be. Maybe some links to a portfolio?

You might consider joining the Interaction Design Association discussion list to send out a description of the job there. You should be able to reach a wide audience of user experience, user interface, and interaction designers.

(from the discussion list guidelines)
When posting a job listing to IxD Discussion, please include the following information in your message’s subject line:

  • job title
  • location
  • company name or, if you are a recruiter, Recruiter
  • Full Time, Part Time, or Contract

What program/programming experience are you specifically looking for? And, if you have the time, prioritize them from most important to least important.

Thanks, joined the IxDG list… will watch it for a while and then post.

To answer a question - Programming using languages like Visual Basic, or C#. Experience with designing windows-based applications from end-to-end. Things like navigation, file menus, context menus, Wizards, setup, etc.

That kind of skill set is kind of rare - within a forum like this anyway. Most Interaction Designers that come from an I.D. background concentrate on the visual and interaction aspects of the design, not so much the actual implementation or engineering. Programming skills tend to be in high-level languages like Flash/Actionscript, where the goal is mainly prototyping.

You’re asking a lot from one person. You may end up with a software engineer that can implement but has poor design skills. There are more software people (interaction designers with a software engineering background) on the IxDG list though, so hopefully you have some luck there.

**Alternatively, you might consider just finding a good designer and getting them to work with Microsoft’s “Sparkle Interactive Designer” product. It’s a Flash competitor, but created to build applications more than web content. It has the advantage of being able to output fully working windows apps. It sounds like if you use the visual editor, code can be written in VB and C# among others, making it easier to pass a design on to a true developer. (In case anyone thinks this is a plug, no, I don’t work for Microsoft. I’ve also never actually used the software, so I can’t personally guarantee whether the package is any good).

You had me at hello.


Great points. We’re actually already using Sparkle to do prototypes. I’ve been working with it quite a bit. The truth of the matter is that designers without real-world programming skills are going to have adoption problems with Sparkle.

You’ve definitely upped the anti though… I CANT wait until candidates start showing up with Avalon/Sparkle/WinPF prototypes… now THAT would get noticed, and get you a job.

Kudos CanadianID… I’m Canadian too!

YOU complete ME.