Help me Florence design institution

i am plannig for a masters design course in italy, please can you tell how is florence academy, how about the rest of design institution in italy, please help so that i can make my decision. domus is too costly for me

I think that Italy is the best place to study design… it is the country of good taste.

I know that the school is a very good design school. I saw also other in Italy but I would say that this one is the best. If you can pay the fees it is a good choice :slight_smile:


I have studied at the FDA and it is a good school. You learn a lot of useful thinks for a good job in the design field. I’ve got a job in a very short time in USA. It was the best time of my life :slight_smile:


I agree completely. If you want to study design go to Italy. It is the best place to be in contact with design every day. The school that you have mentioned is a good one.