Help me decide


Tablet Convertible Laptop-Toshiba R10 or R15: Pro: Versatile, can sketch on it but weak graphics card and no widescreen.
Desktop Replacement HP ZD8000 Pro: Powerful bug screen. Con: Heavy, big
Compaq V2000 14" widescreen Pro: portability, great for travel/presentations. Con: Weak graphics card.

Which one…I like them all!

I mainly use laptop for email etc. and Rhino+Flamingo CAD.

Each has it’s pros and cons.

I am getting a ZD8000 myself with 256MB Graphics Card.

Dell just introduced the Dell Inspiron 9300. Add another one to the list to consider. 17" wodescreen too.

R3000Z is a cheap fast computer with a Athlon 64

I’d go for a r15 toshiba convertible tablet to do sketches.