Help me Decide on A Computer

Dell Inspiron 9300 (desktop replacement)
HP ZD 8000 (desktop replacement)
Compaq V2000 (small and light with widescreen)
Toshiba r15, r10 Tablet (I can sketch on it)

I like pros and cons for all of the above.
I use Rhino+Flamingo as my design tool but mostly do just email and presentations on the road.

If you ahd to get one which one?

The V2000 looks cool but is rather underpowered for 3D graphics. But it is cheap and light and portable with a 14" widescreen. Looks cool too.

If you want heavier computing power go for the Dell Inspiron or ZD8000 but they are heavy and big.

The tablet depends on if you think you would be using that alot. I sketch on paper so it doesn’t seem to be all that necessary for me to have a tablet PC.

I guess it is up to what you want to do.

I’d go for a tablet PC to do sketching on and presentations and then use a powerful desktop for the real heavy 3D work you don’t doon the road much.

check this one: