Help Me Decide My Next Laptop!


Which Laptop?

HP zD8000
Dell Inspiron 9200
ALienware MJ-12
Dell M60

Which one should I get for ID? I use Rhino mostly.

I have heard from just reading other posts tht the Alienware is the best new shyt.

so I would check tht out. there is a great discussion in general design discussion section of the forum- “BEST LAPTOP???” that was a great thread, cheack tht out.

I personally use mac- so i can;t tell u from personal use.

zd8000 has a VGA port whereas the Dell Inspiron 9200 has a DVI

17" MJ-12 hands down.
It will smoke the others.

Yeah but the MJ-12 looks funny if I whipped it out at a presentation or meeting.

I wish it came in a more discreet and professional looking-casing design.

If you use Rhino then it won’t matter as much if yu get a workstation class laptop or not since it should run fine with a HP ZD8000 or Dell Inspiron 9200.

WUXGA for Inspiron? Or is that too tiny?

The HP zd8000 is a week machine compared to the MJ-12.
The graphics card is ATI crap in the HP.

HP does make some machines with the AMD Athlon 64 chip and Nvidia 128 cards. Much better choice if you must get HP.

I wouldn’t look at Dell.

I only see a 64MB Nvidia at HP…which one has the option for 128MB Video?

I think you can build one yourself on the HP site with better stuff.
But this is a good machine. Awesome screen, great processor and insane BUS speed.


i don’t think i would hesitate on getting an alienware mj12. i grabbed an alienware 51m last year and couldn’t be happier with the machine and service. i work hard but i like to play hard so alienware was perfect. i checked the spec’s on the mj12 and if i my machine wasn’t cruising along just peachy i would have grabbed one. (like the dvi port and 17" screen.)

i run swx, proe, illustrator, photoshop, etc. and it hasn’t had a problem yet. i have also taken this system to a design review or two and if anything it draws envy not angst. (my system is green but if they had offered the gunmetal gray color…)

cheers :slight_smile:

Okay Alfonso, so what does a MLB shortstop know about laptops? Hmmm…you play for the Rangers…in Texas…the mobile division of HP is in Houston…

Are you just a tad bit biased?

I guess you do know a thing or two about speed…

HP is good for the money.
Check out this review of the Area 51.
Very high price though.