Help me decide if I should build this service for you?

Would you pay a small charge to use the Win Design Competitions service?

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Hi you all!

I just want to run something by you because the perfect group of people to ask. As you are all expert in this area.

As I frequently enter design competitions I came up with this idea to help all my fellow designers. This service would be for anyone who have great designs but don’t want to spend time and energy to find and enter competitions.

We would scan the web find The Perfect Competitions for Your Designs and Enter Them For You!
All work off your shoulders:)

Find out how it will work in detail on, where you also can register to show interest and get notified about our launch.

I am very, very grateful for all poll answers, questions and replies! You are the ones I am doing this for so your opinion means a lot to me. Really, your answers will play a huge part in deciding to develop this service or not.

thanks in advance

All the best
Andreas Sjostrand Founder of (yet to launch)


Nope. Not interested. Design comps are an odd breed that rarely have any merit (save a few). If you’re just producing work, how will you know what to develop for a competition? There probably isn’t a competition for my game changing cat litter box designs…

I don’t want that service.

Here is the service I want. One that turns the tables.

I register at your site. Types of work I am interested in, terms of use that I am willing to work under, and the amount of prize money that I require to be inspired. My CV and portfolio. My schedule of availability which I update through an app. I may have different profiles for non-profits and for consumer commercial products.

Your company runs a design competition generating service to companies. Like an inverted kickstarter. Multiple companies kick in money to make it interesting. Now the companies are going head to head and distributing the designs, not just the designers. It feels more even to the designers. You use the various levels of experience and profiles to sell to your clients, the various companies. Your presentation reads like this: “at level x, we have 2500 years of designers experience available, with an average of 12 years experience”, or, “at level x/10, we have 27,000 years of experience available with an average of 2 years of experience”, you sell the pool of potential participants.

When the target is reached, you email me and notify me, and everyone else that meets the criteria.

When you need a 5,000 dollar design you get those willing to put in the effort.

When you raise 25,000 dollars for a competition, you get a more interesting playing field.

When you get a new record 500,000 Euro design competition based on your huge success in social promotion of your design competition generating service, you have my undivided attention.

And to make money, you get to keep 5%.

Thank you all for your answers, I really appreciate it!

Nurb, you know what, I am sure there is a competition for your innovative cat litter box designs:)! Some designs may be very hard to find competitions for, but some are very easy. Some competitions are very very specific and probably non of your existing designs will meet the criteria. But some compeitions are very general, like a “lamp design competitions” (that I have entered and won) or “Eco-furniture” tons of them out there usually not very specific as long as its Eco. Tiny adjustments in descriptions might also make a big difference.

And, the idea is not to make new designs for these competitions. Its too make some extra money and publicity (sometimes more and sometimes less) with designs that you have spent weeks, months, years and blood sweat and tears creating, but which might just now be eaten by ants in some drawer, or forgotten in some weird folder in the very outskirts of your hard-drive. Or they might also be very neatly collected in your portfolio, but might not be making you any money anyways.

And Nxact, man thats a great idea of a service! Could certainly grow way, way bigger than this one:P But, too big of a business for my shoulders at this point.

But, too big of a business for my shoulders at this point.

Probably what Mark Zuckerberg said too… . . .