help me choose! please

I have been accepted into the MET program in University of Cincinnati and the ID program in Brunel University (UK) I was too late for the DAAP selection and I hope to make a switch to ID when I can. Alternatively, I am thinking of taking a couple of enginclasses and combining with some art classes to really establish my visual communication skills.


Should I take on the offer to study ID in Brunel partially because the fees are much cheaper. I would have to fork out about 100k if I go to UC. I’m also afraid that I might not be granted the switch to ID.

Would any kind soul offer advice to help me decide? Which school would provide a better experience?


have you visited either of them? living costs are super expensive in uk (so i hear) with the crap exchange rate. i think they are both good schools. are you confident you can get into DAAP? like super confident? (chucking your folio up here wouldn’t be a bad idea either). cause it’s a big risk. or you can just take a year off and secure your spot in DAAP by making a great portfolio

I am from Singapore, so visiting either of them would be a major hassle. Taking a year off is hardly an option for me bbecause I would be 23 this year.

I am not confident that I will be able to transfer to DAAP. My GPA stands at 3.5 and is offered the UGS from UC. I was not asked to present a portfolio for my application to UC but only to Brunel.

I am from an engineering discipline but I have done some simple design work for a materials company (www.Autium.Sg). I still do some freelance work for them, currently working on some gift designs for one of the government departments.

I am pretty good with my solidworks skills, though mostly self taught. But I really wish to build up my visual communication skills eg. Hand sketching n stuff.

So im wondering if I should continue with an engineering degree and pick up some design classes or change to a design discipline completely?

(I will upload some of my work when I get access to my PC)

hey, i was too late for DAAP too! just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. if i were in your situation, i would go to brunel. it’s cheaper and you already have a spot waiting, what more can you ask for!