Help! Industrial Design vs. Interior Design

I’ve been accepted into the fall MID class (3 year program) at Ga Tech. I come from a background of Merchandising (Buying) and through working within a corporate environment have longed to move over into a design focused position. I find myself interested in all facets of design, from Graphic to Interiors to Industrial Design. I chose a masters in ID because I felt like it was a good fit for my interests in both Design and Psychology. I also have always been somewhat of an inventor, thinking of new and better ways to do things.

Here’s the dilemma. I have always had a strong interest in Interior Design, and i’ve recently developed a interest in Graphic Design and wonder if I won’t get enough of these in a Industrial Design program. Is it normal for a designer to be passionate about all types of design and is it possible (and likely) to incorporate these different areas into ID?

A second, less important dilemma is I am currently in NYC. So sometimes feel like its counter intuitive to leave such a design filled city to do…design?

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!

Your delima is normal. Many of us have interest in many different areas of design. I myself am a package designer, but do quite a bit in consumer insights, and have a great intrerest in furniture, interior, and hand held electronics. Although I know that I do one area of ID, because I always keep my skills fresh, keep myself involve in research and consumer studies, I feel this will help me if I want to move on to other areas.

Now for you it sounds as if you already have experience in the retail area. I would suggest going to school for ID, but keep a concentration in how people shop and retail environmental design. This allows you to do interior as well as use ID design thinking and skills to solve your problems. This field is kind of a weird one as there are many people in it with ID backgrounds as well as Interior backgrounds. I think the issue is that neither one really understand the others discipline. It would be great to have a designer that understood both.

This is just my two cents. hope it helps.

Thank you so much for your input. Its great to hear about your varied interests and how you are incorporating them into your work. I actually have been very interested in Retail Environmental Design so I will definitely look more into it while pursuing my masters!

Thanks again!