Help in finding the right avenue

Hi everyone,
This is my first post and sure am hoping for some help. I love skateboarding and have always wanted to design skate sneakers and skateboards. Living in New England does not provide for alot of yearround opportunity for my passion!

I am wondering if anyone can give me some good advice as to possible beginings of this kind of career? I appreciate any feedback.

Thanks all,

are you working in ID? planning on going into ID? student?

I thought new england skaters would chop the wheels off and go snowboarding in the winter.

I am homeschooled and in my sophmore/junior year. Yeah, I snowboard to, but it isn’t my first passion. I know this may sound stupid, does ID stand for idea development? I am very serious about what I would like to do as I start coming to the end of high school. I also take college classes at our community college in the city. These are mostly for music. I just don’t really know where to start with the whole skateboarding thing.
Thanks, Frankie

Industrial design (ID)Â is the professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.

The whole definition is on the IDSA site (where you can find lots of useful information and resources].

ID does not stand for idea development, but that’s one of the key things an industrial designer has to do. So, you were right, in a sense.

I recommend spending some time reading documents on the IDSA site. Come back here with more specific questions.

great idea frankie…they make activity specific sneakers for just about anything you can imagine and i would think that skateboarding sneaker would be a great niche product with a broad enough target market to be successful…wish i had thought of it…a vp at nike is a past associate of mine and might be a good contact for you eventually…if you send me a “pm” (personal message) i can give you a name but you will need to develop a concept first and a prototype would be even better, but do not show or speak to any of this with anyone without getting their signature on a non-disclosure agreement (i can send you one of these as well)…even if your idea never gets produced, a well documented project of this kind will get you in the door of just about any id school in the country…‘id’ is short for industrial design(er) and you might want to swop a music class for a drawing class right a way…