Help! I'm stuck at a school without ID

So I am currently a freshman at UConn. Unfortunately I will be going there again next year, but after that i am definitely transferring to a school with ID. (I think NCSU) I’m signed up for an art/mechanical engineering double major, is that a good idea? I was wondering if I should just focus on one, or keep doing both next year. Would an ID school like to see both? I’m picking classes next week, so I was just wondering what to take.


I would contact the design department at NCSU and find out what classes you can take this year that will transfer over. Maybe some drafting classes, people drawing classes, etc. Anything else will be a waste of time I believe, unless you plan on getting degrees in more than one subject.

Transfer credits will probably come in as Electives (outside of the basics like English or History) so it might not really matter much which classes you take (perhaps some business/marketing if you have time) - but talk to them anyway.

I agree with nospec about most of your core class will transfer. I would also contact NC State as they are a heave engineering school so you may be able to transfer some of those classes or at the very least transfer classes like Physics, Calculus, or Engineering drawing.

The big question is have you been excepted to NCSU? I would clear this up first if you haven’t.

Good Luck!!!

I would also load up on as many electives as possible to see if you can as many other liberal arts requirements out of the way. I was always jealous of the kids that transfered in with almost all of their liberal arts done!

Well I emailed an adviser at NCSU, this is what they said:

Thank you for your interest within the College of Design here at North Carolina State University. During the admissions process, we do not look at what courses you have taken. However, please note that the Admissions Office does to determine if you met the Minimum Credit Requirements for the university. We would suggest taking courses that will help with the portfolio, which is required for admissions. Also, you might check out NC State’s Transfer Course Equivalency Database: >> .

I’m surprised they don’t look at the classes you have taken. I’m going to try to submit some ID work, but I have not taken any ID classes. Will they just assume I have done an ID class, and think my work isn’t very good?

Well you got time, I was a transfer. If I were you I’d do the elective thing, and work on design/art stuff out side of class or integrate it to what you are doing in your other classes. If it is who you are, you can work it in to every aspect of life.