help identifying this material

I’ve seen this photo published in books, and the wall covering seems to be green. I haven’t been able to locate anything similar and would like to use it in a project I’m working on. Is this a metal laminate, paint, or what? Thanks.

The caption above the picture talks about the material. Apparently on the outer walls, there is some kind of lead laminate. Other than that I’m not really sure what the process for making it safe is, but I’m sure that there must be some way of putting up a protective barrier to keep people away form the lead.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for pointing out that I should have read the captions! Now I just have to try to find lead laminate…

I’d guess that its lead coated copper with a clear coat. Go to for the number and ask someone there if they know where you could get something like that. They work with lots of exotic metal materials and finishes.

Make sure to give them the link to take a look at the picture.

Thanks, the Zahner site was a huge help. I’ll contact them for more info.

I would strongly discourage you from using lead in an interior application solely for aesthetic purposes. Lead is one of the worst substances you could possibly have in your body (it causes accumulative nerve damage), and its use may even be illegal in some places (certainly lead-based paint is). Even if you are careful during installation to seal the lead and prevent dust from escaping, at some point in the future it will be removed or demolished, and probably dumped in a landfill, where the lead can leach into the groundwater. You can get exactly the same effect with steel, which will also be much cheaper and easier to install.

I guess I should scrap that design for Silverware made out of lead. Damn!
Hopefully my Asbestos knit hats will be a success though.

:slight_smile: A lot of older pewter used to contain as much as 50% lead, and was often used for dishes and cups. Lead was recognized as a poison as far back as the Roman empire, which makes it all the more amazing that we were still burning it in our cars up to the 1980’s.