Help identify this CAD program please...

I love the watches of

If you watch their behind-the-scenes video with, they use a CAD program on their iMac. See the video here

I was wondering if anyone could help me identify what that CAD program was.

Looks like AutoCAD from what I can tell, it’s not very easy to see.

Thanks Kevin De Smet. I figured it might have been AutoCAD. I had no idea AutoCAD could do 3d like that. Thought Autodesk would push users onto Inventor for those kinds of tasks.

I can’t actually even tell what that is. I was trying to go by the HUD element when he’s rotating it, but it’s not something I recognized.

Those watches are pure geometric forms, which means designing them in a 3D program is almost a bit of a joke. Wouldn’t use that as a guide if you’re trying to purchase 3D Software.


Thanks for the replies guys. I agree that the forms on the watches are geometric, almost graphic in nature. It makes sense to use AutoCAD in this case. I just didn’t know anyone was using it for products.

Maybe that’s why the products look as they do, because they are constrained by AutoCad… Just saying. (I do like the watches)

Or they consciously designed them graphically; it imparts a functionalist aesthetic on something that is functional. I love how they did reduce it down to just the essentials without obviously trying to go “minimal.”

They could also have used AutoCAD because they didn’t want to do CAD on Windows. I guess the options for widely supported CAD on Mac are somewhat limited by comparison.