HELP! I need to lasercut an organic model in rhino ...

I made an organic shape in Rhino 4, and need to make it 2D, so that I can get it lasercut, then bend it to shape. I tried:
Smash, unroll, make2d, nothing gives me a good result.

I put a jpeg, so you can see it. The wings need to be unrolled, and the end part, has to be unrolled, and cut, so it can be bend… any ideas ?


That looks like a part that would have to be stamped some how. Your average sheetmetal shop would have a very difficult time brakeforming that.

why lasercut?

i guess you’ll have to enter the sheetmetal world for what you want to do, which means you’ll have to give enough rips/notches/clearances/allowances…which will basically take your form for a ride.

bah just get it vac-formed…

I don’t think you can vac-form that part. It looks like those hook things come up and over to far. I definitely think thats a stamped part.

Your best bet is to get some paper and do it by hand. Draw your lines in illustrator then cut and fold that mutha till you get what you want.

I think what I would try is import that like mentioned above but into Pro/E or Solidworks sheetmetal package. If you like I could try it for you.

maybe if it does not import properly we would want to retrace the flat using illustrator. We do this a lot in Maya. Place a 2d image from photoshop onto a model… get the image perfect and retrace it in illustrator to get the flat pattern for a complex compound surface. We call that ‘maya softgoods’ works well… but we don’t take it to sheetmetal like your idea.

what type of laser cutter do you have? I use a universal laser systems x-660, you will want to do what is stated above and then play with it in Illustrator. The only way I see you getting your final result to look like the image you showed is to use acrylic.