Help! How do you "style" a car?

Hi guys,

I am having lots of trouble drawing cars. I think I got the basic gist of drawing cars but they are very plain and boring. Also they all kind of look the same. What I am trying to say is that, how do you learn to “style” a car? For example, how do you make something look rugged, aggressive, cute, plain, or even a mixture of those? How do you decide what kind of shape the car has and does the shape of the car directly relate to what kind of personality the car has or can it still be boxy and aggressive or low and wide but cute? I’ve looked at sites like simkom, cardesignnews, and other various design blogs but I still can’t get the hang of it!

Could you guys please help me? I promise to work hard if you guys can teach me to get this down. Just tell me specifically as to what I can and should do to learn and improve.

Thank you!

hard to explain if you don’t give us examples of your drawing. best tip is to find those types of cars, draw them, and learn the patterns and rules that they use for those styles.

What else do you associate with cute, aggressive etc? Make a moodboard with images that capture the feeling you are after and let yourself be influenced by that.

Humans and animals are probably the most universal objects across the planet, look at the faces of those. For example: Cute - babies -wide open eyes - big round headlights. Aggressive - lion - exposed teeth - big grill.