Help, How do I .....

Okay, here’s my situation. I’m currently an Art Director in a small advertising agency, wanting to know how I can make a jump into a more hands on creative field like showroom decorating or set decorating. I love to paint and decorate, design furniture, odds and ends, crafts, lamps and lights, and such, and I’m told I’m very good at it. My dream job would be to work for a company that does things like set design where I would get a budget and decorate or layout trade show booths. I love fashion also and wold enjoy window displays. I’m not even sure what this position title is exactly called, but I am willing to work the bottom up to get there. Please give some advice on how I would do that. Thanks so much.

Actually, there are companies that do just that exibit design firms. However most require you to have an industrial design or architecture degree, a high level of knowlege in autocad, materials, and manufacturing methods.

I have interned with one in the past. the designs were handled by a team that was coprised of one architect, and two industrial designers. Once the final designs and rough graphics were completed the firms print prep team (Graphic Designers) prepaired the graphics for production. The actual fabrication and set-up was handled by a manufacturing company specializing in custom furniture and office systems-not by the design team.

But this is only one of many firms, so just look into then by going to the brows firms section and enter exibit design as the filter. Cant hurt to contact them and speak to some one their.