help heLP HELP

hello all,

my name is sisirnath from India. i need your advise in taking a decision about my carrer in design feild.

my background:
i did bachelor’s of engineering with computer science as my major.
after two years of struggle and little bit of bad luck at the US visa office (i succeded in getting admission at Academy of Art University and Art Institute of Seatle.), i setteled down for a one and half year postgraduate certificate (Design fundamentals in product design) course at “DJ Academy of Design, india.” in collaboration with “National Institute of Design (NID)” ( India’s premier design institute. no idea why they call this course design fundametals, we learn all the subjects thought at NID only differnece is we do it in 1 and half year.

current situation:

at present i am doing my final diploma project (3 months duration), its a live project and i am working on redesigning of a water cooler.

The query:

i feel that one and half year education in design is not enough, and i want to learn more.

please help me out on what to do about it.

options i am thinking of:

  1. work (internship) in a good design studio and learn on the job. [experience]


  1. study further for an year or so. (i am not in a position to spend more time than that due to personnel reasons). [explore]

which one will be the better option to achieve my goal. and what are other available options. please help me.

waiting for your advise.

what do you ppl think about “Domus academy, italy” which offers one year course ‘Masters in Design’

What is it you need help in? Do expect an additional degree or do you just want personal enrichment

i am looking for more learning and personal enrichment.

Work - if at all possible. best education you can get, period.

Since this forum often gets people looking to change careers with a one/two year degree, I’d like to ask you what about ID made you think it would be possible/easy in the 1st place?

if you just want to learn, ya i suggest you work and practice as a designer…

but sometimes it fesls like lacking a specific degree will hinder your growth.
sadly some companies won’t even look at your resume/portfolio if they know you don’t have an ID degree.

Sometimes even if you have a degree they want someone from a “reputable” design school! (is that correct pratt guys?!)

Hello everyone, thanks a lot for your advise,

hi ‘no spec’ as you correctly mentioned its not so easy to switch careers. i believe that first of all one needs to have real passion for ID to start with and then practise practise till you perfect the skills and then PRACTISE.

i strongly agree with your point. that’s the reason why i am not satisfied with the one and half year degree i will be finishing soon. And that is why I want to learn more of ID before practising.

Thanks once again

I was upset with this reality world…and myself indeed.
Eventhough I’m doing the MA course for ID right now, I really worry about my future career after graduating…
Is it necessary and important to have a “reputable” college’s degree when you’re in this design displine?
I would say I totally agree with hulk hogan’s opinion.
If you’re not from reputable school, then you have to be some famous artist’s student.
If you don’t know any artist, at least you should win the international design compitition.

Otherwise, you’re nothing.
Anyway, it couldn’t be worse when i start to think like this or it already is like this.
I know it’s cruel, but it’s true…isn’t it?