Help: Halfway To Black?

Hello guys! I’m really sorry if I posted the topic in the wrong section or if my English was bad.

I’m new here, and I’m trying to improve my drawings so I started with Mr.Scott Robertson videos which were very useful.

My problem is in the DVD “Shading planar surfaces” were he’s talking about shading and rendering, he starts explaining about a “technique?” which is named Halfway To Black but I can’t seem to quite understand what he’s saying and how to do it. I searched about it in other websites but there isn’t any simple explanation or maybe examples to help me out. Can someone kindly explain to me how does it work with examples if possible?

Another request please is, in Mr. Robertson very first DVD were he starts teaching about how to draw objects, can someone kindly give me websites/DVD names/Books etc that can talk more about this topics where I can draw more complex objects?

Thank you very very much.

I haven’t seen Scott Robertson’s videos (yet!) but was curious and saw this on a Concept Art forum discussion. It isn’t clear to me not having seen the video but maybe it will help:

“First thing to do is to decide what your light value is, and what your shadow value is. The easiest way to go is to make the light 1, and the dark 6. This is the half-way-to-black relationship: The way it works is, using an 11 value scale(0 to 10; 0 = white) whatever value you chose for the light it’s shadow will be halfway to black from it, so if you pick 1, you’ll be left with … 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, and 6 falls in the middle. You could chose any ratio, could be one third to black or whatever, all that matters is that you’re consistent.
Next choose the direction of your light source and represent it with a sphere. Lighting the sphere is basically dividing it by it’s circular cross sections, which requires perspective. You can see I used 6 values on the example. I did this quickly and the values used are arbitrary but I think it gets across the point. You should also do an actual rendering of a ball, or an egg from life, to get a more believable turn to your form.
Refering to this while you draw you can see that whatever planes face towards us will be a value 3, the planes facing all the way to the right will be a value 5, etc.”