[HELP] Getting into an ID program?


First time posting!

I’ve been researching and learning how to sketch for ID… but to be frank, I have no idea what I need to be doing to get accepted to an art school for ID…

I guess my immediate question would be: What exactly do I need on my admission portfolio?

And if anyone who is already in an ID program could show me their admission portfolio so I could get a better idea, that would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!!

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Have you spent time on the websites of the schools you are looking into? Most schools with portfolio requirements often outline what kinds of things they are expecting to see, some are pretty specific, some not so much.

I would caution against paying too much attention to other peoples admissions portfolios this might lead you down the wrong path.

Also, at least when I was applying to schools, most were not too interested in seeing ID type work, but where more interested in fine art style pieces, observational drawing, figure drawing, etc., but again it could be school specific.

Good luck!

I’ve been looking at Art Center, Pratt, and RISD.

Art Center’s pretty specific about the portfolio… they require 3 completed projects, but Pratt and RISD are very general in their portfolio requirement.

My predicament is that I’m 26 and on my way to finish a masters program in religion in May with a sociology degree in undergrad. I drew a lot as a kid in high school, but more as a hobby than anything else. In other words, I’m basically starting my portfolio from scratch. I don’t really have experience with any fine art pieces, but I have been working hard on sketching for ID. The enthusiasm and passion is there for ID… but I haven’t really had any guidance from teachers or professionals regarding the subject matter…

Any suggestions on where to start?

I agree with the other responses here… “sketching for ID” will not necessarily help your art school portfolio. Virtually all expect to see a range of fine art skills represented in a portfolio … not CAD, not marker drawings, etc. In my experience they are looking for figure studies, photography, still life, and so on. Most art schools do provide very specific guidence on how many pieces and what types of pieces need to be included, as well as the submission format - some want CDs (don’t forget to “design” the packaging !) others want online catalogues. As obvious as this may sound - an option is check out strong design programs that don’t require a portfolio with application ( University of Cincinnati, SCAD, Virginia Tech, to name a few).

I’d say work on personal development of objective art skills Elements of art - Wikipedia . Learn to take and give criticism, learn topography (not like maps), use of positive and negative space, and how to draw what your eye see’s. The last one can be very hard. If you are in High School learn focus on showing your interest in art and design. Also look into other schools, there are quite a few and pick the one that is best for you. If you show up and find out it was not the right one, transfer to a different one, or take some workshops (DO NOT transfer every other year you will never get out).

Oh and push your values, and focus.