Help! Gateway S-7200C or Toshiba Tecra M4???

I plan to run Rhino and Flamingo, sketch programs like Alias sketchbook, Photoshop, Illustrator. Tablets are getting powerful enough but I have a tough choice and I need help fast to cancel an order…

I just custom configured a Tecra M4 laptop with all the bells and whistles
but then noticed the Gateway S-7200C with it’s 14" widescreen. Don’t know if I can canel or hold the order wtih Toshiba.

Which is best in your opinion for Rhino and Flamingo work?

The only thing I am unsure about is the Gateway’s graphics ATI Radeon X600 64MB Graphics w/ screen resolution 1024 X 768 but the thought of a 14" widescreen is appealing.

Toshiba is an NVidia Go 6600 TE 128MB screen resolution 1400X 1050 on a squareish 14.1 screen.

Does the graphics card matter much for rendering with Flamingo or is it more processor and memory instead?

Any advice? Which should I get? I need to decide fast so as to cancel a custom order at Toshiba. They ahve a 15% restocking fee…yikes.