HELP!Gatech or Aalto industrial design?

Hi, everyone, I have received several admission now. Several days ago I decline the admission from ASU, University of Cincinnati and TU Eindhoven. (little financial aid or I don’t like their program)

Now I must make a choose between Georgia institute of Technology and Aalto university. Both are master’s degree. Gatech is a MID degree and offered me a tuition waive and RA position. The program in Aalto is Industrial and strategic design. Anyone please give me some suggestions and tell me more about Both school’s industrial design program. What are the pros and cons? Thank you very much.

UC or TU Delft.

I had already decline UC. And I did not apply to TUD, what I apply is TUE

Hey feuxfollets,

I can speak only on GT’s program.

Overall GT is rapidly growing, especially within the past 3 or so years, and is now constructing its curriculum around cross-disciplinary education. Georgia Tech is primarily a research-based institute, and the MID program is geared heavily towards that. If that suits your fancy, I’d say go for it.

The program focuses a lot of research and then manifesting rational, functional design decisions derived from that research (i.e. lots of modeling and user-testing) and less so about lofty conceptualization. That’s isn’t to say one is bad or good, but again, depends entirely on your taste and what your skill-sets are.

Hope that helps

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