Help for presentation on monday

I have a presentation due Monday and need to do 3 pages of presentable sketches illustrating several concepts each page.

I am an ok sketcher but never have been able to make a strong sketching page for a presentation.

Anyone have good examples of sketch pages a newer student could accomplish, and what the steps are to transferring sketches to digital with good rendering?

Post examples of what you have.

The sketching pages on this project is what I came up with. Sorry for the late reply, was crunching for time. Rough weekend.

I honestly, swear to god, practice and have put hell of a lot of hours into sketching this year, and I’ve seen improvement, but I just am not picking up this efficiently.

I posted a thread in the projects forum, if you want to close this one.


Forum tip: post them into the discussion. Also, if you want more conversation, reply back quicker.

@yo, we need to make a Forum rules sticky thread for first time posters and people wanting feedback :slight_smile:

They are, in the general design discussion.