Help Finding Sustainable Design Program

I am currently researching schools that offer a sustainable approach to product and/or industrial design. As of yet, I have only come across the Surrey Institute’s Product Design Sustainable Futures. If you know of - or have even vaguely heard mentioned - any program that offer this practice, I would be extremely grateful if you might let me know.

I’d reccoment looking into Parsons and Pratt contact Erika Doring. They both have a lot of faculty emphasizing sustainable product design in their curriculem. Also take a look at Royal Melbourne in Australia and Delft in the Netherlands. University of Southern Illinois Carbondale is a place to look at - contact Steve Belletire.
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i’m a graduate student at the university of cincinnati, studying ID, specifically sustainable design. we don’t have a specific track or program for sustainable design, but we have a class called the eCollaborative which is conducted by a fellow named Dale Murray, who’s graduate thesis was about integrating sustainable design methodology into a traditional design curriculum (and now he’s facutly here). Dale is currently working on his Ph.D.(also related to sustainable design) parttime thru a university in europe (it’s pronounced ear-ass-thmus, but i’m not sure how to spell it …). So, if you came to UC, you’d have the co-op program working for you, the community of the student body, as well as Dale being an excellent resource for you throughout your studio experiences. i’m not going to lie, not all of our facutly are as hip to sustainable design, but they won’t tell you to ignore that aspect. I’ve taken both sections of the ecolab and it was quite an introduction. There is also a sustainability seminar (grad level) taught by J. Chewning, who is our graduate director. both J. and Dale’s contact info can be found at

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I currently attend CCA (California College of the Arts), which has an exceptional program focused on sustainable design. The faculty is made of up of a number of talented professors, people like Jay Baldwin who studied under Buckminster Fuller and has been involved in sustainable design projects his entire life. Phillip White who helped organize the Okala program which is a guideline for a suistainalbe design programs. The programs adminstration is undergoing a change, but the students and faculty are dedicated to keeping sustainable design principles at the heart of the program. If you are indeed interested in sustainable design CCA is definitely worth looking at.

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I would look into the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design.

They have a focus on sustainability and have several great faculty members pursuing it. They offer masters level programs in ID, architecture, urban design and environmental science.

a good person to talk to (although on sabatical until August) would be Stuart Walker