Help!! CMU or Upenn or IIT? Which would you CHOOSE?

Hello there,

I am an international student and I have been admitted to the following schools Fall 2012:

a.MPD program @CMU (Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services (MIIPS) - Integrated Innovation Institute - Carnegie Mellon University)
b.MDes program(Master of Design | Institute of Design)

Also I am still waiting for IPD@Upenn, EDI@ Northwestern, PRIME@ Brown and Design Development@OSU. I am pretty sure the result will be released around these days.

Anyway, I am an ID student and wanna focus on UX & Product Strategy in my graduate study or even my career. I have done several internships concerning UX design and App development. Personally I think CMU is the best choice, but it’s just a one-year program, especially for an international student, maybe too short time. IIT is pretty good for its Institute of Design, but I am a little worried about its networking after graduation, may not that good. I am a little curious about IPD and it seems worth attending for Upenn’s ranking. But it’s a very new program and seems not many people know about it.

Just wanna know your opinions if you were in my position, and WHY?
P.S I am not considering other schools but it would be great to hear your comments.

Thank you guys!

Welcome to Core,
as you may know, there is a search function where you will find tons of opinions regarding these schools and grad school in general. Please tell us more about your interests and where you see yourself ending up. Is your ultimate long term goal Management or a Professorship? Are you going straight to grad from undergrad? Would you consider working for a year or two before going back to school? Do you want to study UX as an extension of ID or are you going to leave ID behind?

UX and strategy are pretty big at IIT. Once you know where you are able to go, maybe zip over and check them all out in person.

Thanks! I totally agree. Maybe a little more about myself. I directly graduated and continued grad study with no work experience. Not considering going back to school after work for now…I m not very into traditional ID, but more into interaction & UX. Actually I know much about coding. Professorship is totally not my type & want to find jobs directly after graduation.
I know much about those schools…just don’t know which suits me the best…

Thanks. I thought IIT is more about business & marketing stuff. Also one problem is the expense. Yes…I wish I could go!!

Which one would you chose?

It is your future, your 4 years of life, your money.

Do your research, definitely visit them both. Best of luck with your decision!

Thank you all. But it is impossible for me to visit them now. I m an international student & senior now. So that s why I seek help here.

Just curious, why are you only interested in US based schools?

Visit both schools when you can, and when you can afford it. Just account it into part of the education costs. In all reality, one international RT plane ticket would just be a drop in the bucket in the long run. Maybe $1,500 for the trip total, when tuition can cost anywhere from 20k-120k (plus living expenses, and materials for classes, maybe another 30-40k). It is my personal belief that choosing a school without visiting it first is irresponsible, and could be a giant waste of your time and money. Forums are great to aid in the decision process, but shouldn’t be used as your primary, or even secondary reason to choose one over another.

Unfortunately, you will get skewed responses, stemming from the emotions of individuals. I think SCAD is the best on the planet since I went there. SCAD is where I got my education, learned Industrial Design, had girlfriends, ate great food, made memories I will hold onto for the rest of my life. This is the same with everyone else with their respective school. We all got the full 4 year experience. Or more or less depending on the individual. Until there is one person who attended courses, or at least spent 1 year enrolled at every ID school, there can be no one-person who says “this school is better than that school”.

Haha…I like the kind of design education there, not so traditional. I did some research into those based in Europe, the extension of ID there seems not that attractive. Love the country too.

Though I agree with you, every opinion is more or less affected by personal emotions, right? Actually I just wanna get some general imput, like how about the job hunting after graduation, what do you natives think about the school…This can be very helpful for a foreigner…

Hello there Mclaine
I am an international student and I have applied to IIT too. But I haven’t received any news from them.

I was informed that my files are completed on Feb.15 and it would take about 4~6 weeks for review.
But someone told me she has already been accepted at the beginning of Feb.

So would you like to tell me when did you complete your files and when did you receive the admission decision?
Just wonder if I have been rejected or not.:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Hello cshi, I submitted all my files around Dec.18 and get informed several days just before Christmas.
Hope this helps.

Does anyone have any comments pls? The main problem is between MPD & IPD.
Thanks a lot guys.

Hi there~

I’m also in the dilemma choosing from UPENN & CMU. What i’ve known is that MPD is more of an engineering/marketing type deal. While IPD considers more “design” type curriculum. But then IPD is rather new and CMU has corporate partnerships.
I am international, so one year is perhaps not a good choice if i want to stay working in the US.
Waiting for more advice or information~

Hello again!

I have got the admixpssion to IIT too! Acutually I prefer to be a designer rather than a strategist, but my portfolio is not impressive enough to get me a better choice…

What is PRIME@ Brown??? can you provide a link???Thank you!