Help Choosing Project

Hey guys, I’m a student studying product design and I’ll be going into my final year from this September. So here’s the thing, I have to choose a project for my final year and this project should be "‘THE’ project of my portfolio. Right now frankly speaking I’m having trouble choosing one topic/project to do as there are so many which I am interested in and I have no clue how to narrow it down or which one is better in terms of how my portfolio looks. I was wondering if any of you have gone through a similar process and if you have any tools or tips which could help me out to make my big decision as I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Welcome to core77 - awesome to hear you’re almost done with school! Well, consider what kind of area of ID you’d like to get into, like consumer electronics or furniture. What places are you hoping to get in? It helps to think about the end goal… Where do you want to work at and why? What work do they do? What skills do they look for or showcase on their website?

So if you want to get into furniture, but barely have any prototypes in your portfolio, that might be difficult. If you want to get into a design consultancy, but barely have any sketches or hot renders… you get my drift. Whatever project you decide to do, make sure it’s worth your time.

Even better if it’s a legit problem you’re solving that also establishes your viewpoint as a designer. Designers take on challenges and solve problems. You can solve any problem in the world, but for your senior thesis you gotta pick one. You need a real reason for it because you’re going to spend a lot of time and effort on it. Anyway, don’t sweat it - really, just make sure you have fun and are committed to this project.

what Lychee says is correct. Don’t think of it as THE project in your portfolio… your portfolio should have 3-5 THE projects and then 3-5 mini projects. This should be one of the 3-5 key projects. Think of where you want to work and what project would be appealing for them to look at and back into a topic and problem.

I that fails, here is a sure method:

  1. go buy a nerf dart gun
  2. go into your room, or any room or any public space and blindfold yourself
  3. spin around 5 times
  4. shoot the nerf dart gun

Whatever the nerf dart hits is your topic… chances are it is poorly designed and can be improved.