Help choosing program.

Ok so im trying to get started training. Problems is deciding what program(s) i want to learn. Im wanting to design car wheels and get my own company going. I saw solidworks, pro-e, and 3ds max. But i dont really know what other programs there are or which is good.

I know a couple people who use Alias Autostudio for doing Car rims but that is a pretty expensive program

hows the price compared to pro-e or solidworks. I tried emailing some wheel companies to ask what programs they use but nobody seems to want to respond.

i know solidworks is cheaper and i’m pretty sure pro-e is cheaper too

Learn every program having to do with 3D. And buy the most expensive computer you can find.

i may just have to use the old phone to get some answers from these wheel companies.

You’re on the right track. I’d stick with SW or ProE for this line of work. Remember this, none of your competition will reveal their secrets.

yea i figured they wouldnt give me any info on actual design but damn not even program use

use the backdoor…the competitors will not tell you…
but the software vendors will, they are so proud of their customers, that they can’t hide.
“Hi Guys over there at ProE, I wanna buy some licenses of your app, but I’m not really sure if is able to make some nice car rims…”
“Hi future customer, of course ProE can make Rims and NASA rockets as well, we just had a very exciting costumer story from x that produces tons of rims…”