Help! ASU ID student

Hello I am currently a freshmen who attends ASU for industrial design.
My previous plan was to attend Pratt but the tuition was too expensive to afford.
I think the program here isn’t too bad b/c their is a milestone that makes the school a little more competitive.
This year their are about 150 ID students and only 24 students will get selected to the next year to the ID program.
I would like to know from everyone else how good or well known ASU is for their ID programs.

Thank You.

I don’t really know anything about ASU, but I do believe my old prof (the guy responsible for turning me onto ID, and former director of Carleton University ID Program) Jacques Giard is there, and he’s a good guy…

dunno if this helps, but thought I’d share.


PS. You can say Hi to him for me if you see him. Dunno if he remembers me (it was 10+ years ago), but anyhow… :slight_smile:

Which ASU?

Arizona or Appalachian?

LOL thats awesome! he was my 1st semester teacher. right now he lectures a class called, " design awareness" pretty good class. I also talk to him once in a while (he’s one of the judges for the milestone) ill sure to mention you :smiley:

Arizona State University

I am a junior in the ASU ID program right now and I would certainly approve our program. ALTHOUGH!!! you must make what you want of it. our professors and classes will provide you with the core (no pun intended) skills but it is up to you to take it where you want. I think you will find a much better real world experience as a sun devil than a student at an art school working with engineers, business majors, and other design majors but its only my opinion. It takes a certain individual spirit to succeed in this program, good luck to you and come upstairs and visit whenever you like!


Funny… do I know you? I’m also a freshman in the ASU ID program… and am going through a similar problem, though I’m applying to design schools in the EU… I have dual citizenship and therefore education in Europe is almost free, so I’ve basically made up my mind

sandbar at havasu?

I think any program with a ‘milestone’ review is saying that they are dedicated to producing quality people.

lol idk do you know me? Im sean choe and also the creater of DP “drawing party” WOOT lol
who’s class do you take? or going to during second semester???
ill be in takamoras class.
and transferring to europe? wow thats cool

I’ll also be in Takamura’s studio next semester… had him this semester, and he’s a great professor. See ya

keep at it man. The ID program focuses heavily on design, methodology and materials. which is very nice. You should take some perspective and art media classes next door, and/or watch some dvd’s to pump up your illustration skills. Pepe and Dosun are excellent teachers in this area and can help you a lot!

also learn solidworks as well as rhino, utilize the shop and draw lots of products :slight_smile: