Help and Suggestions- Please!?

Hey everyone!.. I am working on my portfolio website and decided to post it and see if anyone has any suggestions, thoughts or comment. I thank you all in advance, my site is here.

It’s weird that the “enter” label on the home screen isn’t clickable (I’m not a big fan of enter screens in general though)

I like your sketches (shoes and watches particularly)
Nit picky: I would loose your Illustrator renderings in the watch project, your sketches are way better!
If you want computer rendered images I’d give them another shot, they look rushed, and then I’d put them at the end (process time line)

I like the images you choose for the homepage (minus the watch), but I would re-work your layout, and make it more horizontal and less vertical so that no one has to scroll to see all your projects.

On sketching Page I noticed a couple of your drawing where from the design sketching book, I think it’s great to use these for inspiration and copying for practice, but I wouldn’t put them in your sketching section.

Other than that it looks good, perhaps some user persona pages and research to include in your process, but other than that nice work.

let me know when v2 is up.

Thank you so much for your comments and input!

I have made some of the smaller adjustments… (oops on the enter button :blush:)

Order re-arrangement and image selections. I will be updating content soon and hopefully adding more pages (which hopefully will make for a better layout!) thanks again, and I will take any more advice any one has to give!

Hey Aaron, it’s Alex from NB. Portfolio looks great. Hows Life?

Hey, whats going on? Life is good… I’m almost done my summer semester, did you end up going back to NB? I just talked with Andrew, and apparently they went through another internal re-organization which he is no longer head of the intern project…

How is school going for you? I’m searching for fall co-ops now. I can’t wait for it all to be over.

Your NB sketched are good but, you should also have some tighter footwear renderings.

Thanks for the feedback, to tell you the truth I was thinking that same thing. What do you think would be more beneficial tighter hand renderings or illustrator/photoshop renderings?