hello people

hi, i am new here, i found this forum whilst browsing on ARCHINECT.

So, is this about all types of design, including architecture? and are ONLY designers posting here (including architects)?

That is how I found this site… it will blow your mind visit often… ok so maybe not blow your mind but at least show you some cool work

thanks Ja, i hope it does blow up my mind, I started the year in a pretty horrible way (personal problems), so I want to get focused on my passion (ARCHITECTURE/DESIGN)

wanna help?

hey now…get a chat room. :wink:

i prefer a forum…unless you want to chat? :wink:


I think most of the designers here are either Graphic Designers or Industrial Designers. The forum has been recently upgraded (thank you Core), and I hope to share more information with designers from all industries.

Welcome to Core.

new here as well and will absored all info coming from peeps.