hello? parsons... are you there?

has anyone heard anything from parsons mfa program?
i havent heard anything.
dont even know if they got my application.
all of the other schools i applied to i have heard from.
i even got verification that they received my app.
parsons hasnt replied to an email that i sent 2-3 weeks ago.
anyone know whats up?

I applied to the MFA Design&Tech program and heard back about 2-3 weeks ago (got in).

i applied to the art dept.
when was your app turned in?

My app got to Parsons the day it was due (overnighted it). I received confirmation from Parsons that they had received my application materials.

It’s frustrating, but keep the faith. They could just be disorganized.

Good luck. Try calling them and remember be supernice to whoever you talk to (advice from a friend who was a deptmt secretary, she wielded more power than you could imagine). Although they aren’t supposed to let you know about admission decisions over the phone, my friend said she would tell applicants if they were polite enough.

Earthgirl has a valid point. While it’s the faculty etc who review your applications, they haven’t had any face time or conversation beyond an open house or an email from the applicant. It’s the coordinators and admissions staff who know what the applicants personality is like and frankly if they don’t like the way you treat them, they are very likely to tell the reviewers " I don’t care if his portfolio rocks, I’m not willing to deal with high maintenance or rude students"