Hello Everyone!

Hey guys/gals, I’m new to this forum… I couldn’t find the introductory category… Perhaps I go on too many gaming forums lol…

Anyways, I stumbled onto this community and realized I finally found a legit forum with REAL designers. I still have 1 year left of college, and then I’m out for business :sunglasses:

I’ll post some of my work later on.

welcome to the gang…

look forward to seeing some of your work! where are you attending school?



hey C.Z,

i am also new to this sire, i’ve been wanting to join for some-time but never got around to doing it, so now i am finally here. i am also going on my last year of school (one semester left)… I would prefer this site over others b/c some of my instructors (i’ve heard) are on the site to put out their latest projects that they finished… talk lateZz,


I feel kind of the same way CZ - I refound this site after being away for 5 years… I check it at least once a day now. Im the only designer at our company, and this feels like a studio back school, but with some real ID vets. being around a design community again is invigorating! Long live CoreBoards!

PS, you ought to check http://www.productdesignforums.com too… lots of interesting european designers over there


what company are with, since your the only designer? Sounds interesting, how does it work; do all design decisions go through you?

Hi Guest,

Yes most design decisions go through me at my work, but its not like being Tom Ford or anything. Most of the time I am trying to convince my coworkers not to go with the cheapest solution they can think up, and when I get an opportunity with a new product… usually the time given for design is a bit unrealistic, so I have to put in crazy hours to make the most out of a project.

www,digitalartschool.com [click Halifax] All the details are there.

http://www.digitalartschool.com edited the url… forgot to login lol…