hello again and thanks so much!!!!

hi there, i been looking your opinions guys, thanks to everyone. today i take some time to get better this thing (at least i think that, maybe i just blow it off, jajaja) please say me if that happen.

here is again my portfolio adress:


would be nice if you can scale the images down to a smaller resolution. I have a 20" lcd and I still have to scroll left to right to see all of your layout. Try to compliment the fact that people would rather the layout land in-frame, so they dont have to do any scrolling. I’ve brought all my images in as 600x500-something and they fit pretty well in coroflots layout.

Design wise, you have some cool forms going on. I would try to rework the sketches you’ve added to some of the projects. They kind of feel stuck on and would definitely look better if there was more sketches all together and they need to be organized better. keep with it…


cool work but there is no process…why did you design those product …they look great but did you only have one version or concept for all of them …did you just built them in one day…what is the inspiration…? who is the target ? …any drawning …it this an ad…r you selling them ? …is it a magazine ??..